Homeopathy for people

What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a holistic and individualized treatment. It aims to correct the imbalance of the body by supporting its own healing abilities and thus initiating healing.

According to the homeopathic principle “like cures like”. This means that a medicine that causes symptoms in a healthy person, can improve the same symptoms in an ill person.

Homeopathic medicine

Homeopathic medicines are mainly derived from plants, minerals and animals. Manufacturing requirements and controls are as strict as in conventional medicine (GMP). Homeopathic tablets contain lactose and active ingredient. They do not contain binding agents, gluten or pigment. Homeopathic medicines are not synthetic.

According to WHO, homeopathy is the fastest growing alternative medicine treatment in the EU.

Did you know that in Europe conventional medicine and homeopathy complement each other? In Germany, every third doctor uses homeopathy; in France, 90 percent of parents use homeopathy for their children and themselves, and homeopathy is also used in European hospitals.

“Could homeopathy help me?”

This is what my customers of various ages are asking. The homeopathy can help in wide range of symptoms and diseases. It helps in both acute and chronic ailments, such as nose, ear and throat problems, allergy, headaches, insomnia, PMS, menopausal symptoms and psychiatric symptoms such as anxiety. It also helps infants with sleeping problems, colic and teething, and it gives support during pregnancy and labour.

My background

I’m Camilla Lundqvist, classic homeopath (with diploma) and pharmacist. In addition, I have deepened my knowledge in international homeopathy school, Dynamis. I’m also a member of Association of Finnish Homeopaths.

Homeopathy didn’t come to my life by chance. My grandfather taught me the healing power of herbal medicine and this natural way of treating and strengthening one’s own health. In addition, I learned to appreciate purely cultivated products and all things nature can offer.

To understand the body in a deeper level, I went to study pharmacy which gives me different perspective to the whole system.

Life in countryside and taking care of animals fills my free time. As a homeopath, I have learned immensely through my grandchildren – I’ve had the chance to follow the healing power of homeopathy.

What happens in homeopathic treatment?

The first meeting takes about 1–1.5 hours. We go through your health thoroughly. Past events in your life can affect your current health.

You will receive a homeopathic medicine taken orally.

After 4–6 weeks, it is checked how the treatment is working and a follow-up plan is made.

If you have several chronic ailments, it may take longer before you reach your optimal health. If your basic condition and health are good, you are likely to recover faster.


– Reception: 80 € (1–1.5 h)
– Children under school age 60 € (60 min)
– 24/7 homeopathic helpline 40 € (20 min)

Payment: With cash or other method if agreed beforehand. Prices include homeopathic medicine and 24 % VAT.

Cancellation policy: Cancellation must be made as soon as possible but no later than 24 hours prior to the treatment. If the booked treatment is not cancelled or it is cancelled too late, we will charge full price. If medical certificate is provided, there is no charge.

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