Equine assisted group facilitation method

Equine assisted group facilitation method (MinD – voimauttava hevostoiminta®) is a method where the horse acts as an empowering factor. The activity is meant to be regular and for small adult groups, and it takes place in a stable environment with horses and focuses on group’s resources. The activity brings together the support group and their resources, a confidential atmosphere and interaction developed together with the group and under the guidance of the instructor.
MinD is an acronym and comes from words Motivation, Interaction, Nice atmosphere and Dialogue.

The instructor is a MinD trained welfare and equestrian professional who guides the group with her educational history and experience within the given context. In small groups of 3–4 people, participants are able to voice and recognize their emotions. The activity is based on subjective empowerment, rehabilitation and change process of individuals.

The groups are formed in such a way that participants are similar as for their experiences, situation in life, working abilities or challenges in working abilities. Consequently, it’s easy to share experiences in the group and build the future on these experiences, with the help of interactive exercises.

Group members are not required to have previous experience with horses. The horses used in the activity, enable the group to experience empowerment.

Examples of groups: burn-out workers, substance abuse and mental health rehabilitation customers, child welfare customers, parents of mentally handicapped children, parents that have lost a child, carers (of loved-ones)

The MinD group meets once a week for 6–9 weeks for about 2.5 hours or as agreed. Ask for further information!

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