I offer versatile training, intensive one-day-courses and courses from basic to advanced level for focused horse owners and hobby riders.

Horsmanship – Ratsastustaito A.

Classical riding/Academic art of riding
 / Communication and body language
 / Operant conditioning and learning psychology

I offer versatile training, intensive one-day-courses and courses from basic to advanced level for focused horse owners and hobby riders.

To me, it’s important that there is beautiful interaction between horse and rider and that they spend genuinely time together. Body awareness and a deeper understanding of how man and horse act, help us work together with the horse in a way that is sustainable, safe and comfortable for both.

Strong basic principles in my classes are communication, trust, and good feeling between horse and rider. In a positive and stress-free atmosphere, both learn best.

My education

Since 2003, I have actively worked with horses orienting myself in academic art of riding/classical riding, communication and body language, operant conditioning and positive reinforcement.

I’m updating my training constantly in order to develop further and to understand horses even more profoundly. This is how I can help my customers better. Some of my training has taken several years, whereas some are of shorter duration.

To mention a few (the list is not complete): 

– Academic riding/classical riding; Christofer Dalgren (Sweden), Celina Harich (Germany), Hanna Engström (Sweden) and Piet Bakker (Holland)
– Seat training, Centered Riding and Balimo; Sue Leffler (Canada), Judy Cross (USA) and Hanna Engström (Sweden)
– Body consciousness, communication, and clicker training; Piet Nibbelink (Holland), Ellen Ofstad (Norway), Tuire Kaimio (Finland).
– Deepening your horsemanship skills; Piet Nibbelink (Netherlands)
– MinD – voimauttava hevostoiminta [R?] (empowering with horses): Päijät-Häme Summer University (finishing early summer 2019)
– Craniosacral therapy (for people); The Upledger Institute
– Kalevala bone-setting (for people); Kansanlääkintäseura ry

In addition, I have worked and trained in Sweden with professionals for a few years, building up experience and know-how.

I travel anywhere! I’ll be happy to come to your stable. At least two horses or two hours must be held at the same stable. The day accommodates 8–9 horse and rider participants.

Cancellation policy: Cancellation must be made no later than five days prior to the training. If you have to cancel, you can look for a replacement participant for yourself, in which case the replacement pays for training. If you don’t cancel, you will be charged full price. If medical/veterinary certification is provided, there is no training fee.

Ratsastustaito A prices:

Training 40 € / approx. 40 min
Lectures for associations and clubs starting from 45 €. Topics and duration as desired.
Courses and intensive one-day-courses are customized according to your wishes; 6–8 horse and rider participants fit on one course. Please contact me!
About treatments supporting rider’s well-being, see Gröna Stugan.

Prices include VAT 24 %. Travel expenses are added to the cost. Travel expenses are always divided equally among the participants: the more participants, the less costs for one person.

Examples of travel expenses:

Espoo: 55 €
Hanko: 39 €
Hyvinkää: 84 €
Inkoo: 19 €
Kirkkonummi: 41 €
Lohja: 32 €
Perniö: 38 €
Raasepori: 5 €
Salo: 53 €
Siuntio: 34 €
Turku: 96 €
Vihti: 54 €

” Ammattitaitoinen ja selkeä opettaja, joka antaa aikaa oppilaan tunteelle löytää oikeat jutut hevosensa kanssa. Ihana positiivinen persoona, joka pitää sovituista asioista kiinni. Odotan innolla uusia tunteja! ”

Katja K.

” Kuuntelee hevosta, mutta myös ratsastajaa – hieno taito pukea sanoiksi se, mitä tunnet. Korjaaminen tehdään pienin muutoksin, mutta vaikutukset ovat huikeat! Suosittelen. ”

Janette R.

” Mitä voi odottaa kun kutsuu Annican paikalle? Lämpöä ja myötätuntoa. Aktiivista asiakkaan kuuntelua ja aitoa kohtaamista. Huikeeta ammattitaitoa. Suosittelen lämmöllä. ”

Maarit H.

Street address:
Vanha Rannikkotie 678, 10710 Snappertuna, Raasepori.
Visits and farm visits only by agreement.

Business ID:  2383892-7.

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